Secret World Legends’ Samhain events are here, at least one year of them


So, Secret World peeps. I’ve got some good Halloween news and some bad. The good news is that Samhain is live in Secret World Legends today.

“Boundaries between realms blur and intersect during Halloween, allowing otherworldly forces to more easily cross over–including into the Hollow Earth itself! The insidious Jack of the Lantern has set his sights on the heart of the world tree, thirsting for its Anima and to claim its power as his own. Not without its defense mechanisms, Agartha has isolated the threat and now it’s up to you to rally together and take Jack head-on.”

The bad news is that it looks as if only the first year of Halloween content is represented in the patch. Massively OP’s MJ points out the other years of content from when the game was still The Secret World aren’t mentioned in the patch notes.

Oh wait, there’s more good news! Everybody’s getting a freebie Geist Rider motorcycle mount. Worth it! Just log in to claim yours. On subsequent days, you’ll be picking up additional themed rewards.

Source: Press release, official site
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