Here’s a look at Path of Exile’s lightning tendrils skill gem

Lightning is in the air lately. Literally, of course, but I mean in video games, as last week we were treated to a look at the lightning powerset in a superhero MMO, and now we’re getting a peek at a lightning skill gem rework in Path of Exile.

“In 3.1.0 we’re planning to improve how the Lightning Tendrils skill gem functions,” Grinding Gear Games says. “This includes small changes to its mechanics and a major change to its visuals to make it feel more intense and powerful. Since we introduced the channelling system, Lightning Tendrils has felt out of place as it uses the channeling animations but has a fixed length spellcast with four hits. This confused a lot of new players. Many also felt that it was unintuitive that you couldn’t change direction while casting.”

The updated skill will indeed be a channeling skill with updated graphics, fixing that problem and “making it more reliable and powerful for long sustained casting against tougher foes.”

Massively OP will be streaming POE this evening at 9 p.m. EDT, so stay tuned!

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