Ultima Online suspends ‘advisor’ program ahead of F2P conversion


Back in 2014, Ultima Online revived its classic “counselor” program as a new “advisor” program — essentially, it roped in community-minded, expert players to serve as official guides for new players and intermediaries between the support team and the playerbase, sporting very light GM powers (like being able to help people get unstuck). But in the game’s latest newsletter, Broadsword says it’s suspending that program – at least temporarily.

“I am looking into revising how the Advisor program operates and I am also looking for dedicated people that want to help others, so when we publish Endless Journey we can also restart the Advisor program,” Producer Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong told players today. “This is not meant to be anything negative to the current Advisors and most of them will return if they would like to.”

Endless Journey, of course, is the upcoming free-to-play conversion for the game slated for publish 99 next spring. And one of the game systems due for revamp is the in-game town crier system.

“One goals of Endless Journey is to create a single point of contact for all in-game news so that players will have a one stop shop for the latest Quest & Event News, EM News, City Governor News, and Guild Event notices. To accomplish this task we have completely refactored the existing town crier system and transitioned it to a gump-based system that will allow more information than ever to be shared with players throughout Britannia.”

Broadsword also notes it’s considering solutions to character-specific reward tallies, repair benches, master key rings for treasure maps, and new slayer inclusions.

Source: Newsletter

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Ahh, the memories…

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The advisors probably didn’t want to miss out on the gankfest to come.


considering most players are Glorious Lord of Trammel, I doubt it.