NCsoft announces Blade & Soul 2 for mobile

Among the flurry of NCsoft reveals this week was word that the company is working on a follow-up to Blade and Soul for 2018.

The teaser for Blade and Soul II was shown at NCsoft’s Media Day. It’s a rather short clip that shows a western desert environment with some large dragon or dinosaur skeletons and a small party of adventurers walking under an arch.

Don’t toss your Blade and Soul account in anticipation of the sequel just yet, however. Blade and Soul II will be a mobile title and shouldn’t directly compete with the PC MMO. Check out the teaser trailer after the break!

Source: Steparu
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The clip isn’t much of tease though is it? A few seconds of walking through a waste land and, what? We are supposed to be impressed?

Meh. I’ll pass, thank yeeee.


*Sigh* I wish the focus of the industry wasn’t shifting to mobile gaming. I understand from a financial point of view the money coming out of mobile game is making it much more alluring to development games for, but as a player it is upsetting. Mobile games just don’t produce games that are as deep as those for PC and console. On top of that, I feel developers have no shame about pay-to-win and nickel-and-diming monetizations when it comes to mobile gaming.


If it’s only released for mobiles, I will certainly have no interest in playing it.


Totally agree. And like Uta, I have no interest in playing it as a mobile game.

IMO, totally focusing on mobile, it is a missed opportunity. BnS was released on June 30, 2012. It has had a great run and as you and Uta know, one of my fave games.

But, now is the time to nail down the underpinnings for it’s successor in the PC world. Take what has been learned and put it right in to a new version. Why? NA/EU audiences.

Let’s be honest, NA/EU were after thoughts for BnS. It took the game 4 years to get here. They were in no hurry. They were making bank. But what they found was another strong player base, and more importantly for them, another competitive segment for their E-sports. That is very lucrative for NCsoft.

So why not start teasing something new. Something with a cadence of release that is world wide and not regional. Something that is geared toward a world wide audience. There is money in that. Lots of money.