OrbusVR outlines its early access schedule for December

Please be all right.

The production schedule for OrbusVR is speeding right along, and the game is just about ready to head into early access. For a given value of “just about,” anyhow; November is still going to be all about the closed beta starting on November 15th. But when that ends on December 8th, players can mark their calendars for the early access head start on December 13th, and from that point on the game is playing for keeps.

Yes, really; the game’s early access period will feature no more wipes or rollbacks, whether you’re part of the headstart or have to start on the general early access period on December 15th. That’s also when fans will be able to gift the game to others, incidentally. So if you’re excited for the game but don’t like playing MMOs when you know there will be progress wipes, get ready to dive in with a will in mid-December.


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Ima give this a go on the 15th I think.

Melissa McDonald

Probably the only VR game I can think of where I really want the option for a 3rd person view. Because PvP.


I can’t wait for the panic induced spinning around and checking your 6 while running around because someone could be hunting you and you’re not aware :)