Ride to Black Desert’s Kamasylvia part 2 on your ‘dream’ horse

Happy Kamasylvia day! Yep, the second half of the massive Kamasylvia expansion has dropped on Black Desert today, though it’s not been without its issues; Kakao has noted both connection issues and unintended mob buffs that are being worked on post-launch. Plus? Another sweet horse.

“The next dream horse Diné will breeze its way into Kamasylvia Part 2, the Healing Light. Feast your eyes on Grána City, the glorious capital of Kamasylvia filled with new, aesthetic residences and bustling lifeforms. Venture out in the vast, open fields and dense forests like Polly Forest and Gyfin Rhasia Temple where facing off against mystical yet fierce foes will prove to be a challenge. Kamasylvia Part 2 will be filled with immersive quests, areas, and newly added challenging monsters to enhance your PvE experience to the fullest. Kamasylvian Alchemist 2 event will get you scavenging out vast steppes and forests again and also, please welcome back the familiar events like Black Spirit Adventure and Mount EXP bonus event. Go out there, explore the fairy tales, and have a shot at looting high-grade items like the Lemoria gears!”

The patch notes also rattle off a bunch of bug fixes, XP bonuses, new badges, new workers, new mobs, and a handful of class changes. It’s a big patch! And my favorite: “Toggle key for Walking has been changed from CapsLock to ScrollLock.”

Source: Patch notes

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Alex Hyer

My dream horse, has a bum leg, is so old its about to die any forthcoming second, it stinks, it has a bad attitude, it bites other people AND me, and its more than a little deaf and blind.

You guys all keep your majestic flaming angelic nerd mounts.

My dreams never come true in MMOs, its why I’m so jaded! *weeps*


I like Kama 2, but the connection issues thing is boiling over for NA players.

Going on 4 weeks of server issues now.


It is a very strange problem with BDO right now. The servers are actually running just fine, but there is some sort of connectivity/routing issue. A VPN helped me for about a week but that just stopped working. Then 3 or 4 days ago updated Ethernet drivers and the game is running flawlessly, mostly due to how many people are no longer online due to the issues. If you can find your way past the connection issues you will probably have better FPS and and smoother gameplay than any other time.

My theory is that this is interference from US telecoms as they lay the groundwork for throttling the higher echelons of internet architecture.


VPN thing worked for me about a week as well but as of 11/8 no longer works.

The main culprit is within Leaseweb’s own routers/servers that’s causing most of the drops. That’s the hosting solution Kakao chose because it’s one of the cheapest options. However after 3 weeks now we’re past the point where blame matters. It doesn’t matter if there’s a Troll Bridge throlling data through the Rainbow Internet Cloud link they need to sort that shit out yesterday. BDO was already running high tensions with most of it’s veteran player base over issues like hidden stats and content delays and every day of server issues is gallons of gasoline on that fire.

Can’t comment on the telecom tinfoil.


If MJ thought part 1 was pretty, she ain’t seen nothin yet :)

Toy Clown

They finally put in a toggle walk? Wooow. haha

Melissa McDonald

scroll lock better choice.. a seldom-used key for a seldom-used feature.