ArcheAge kicks off a festival of cooking

Well, super.
The Festival has arrived in ArcheAge. What’s it a festival about? Good question. Most festivals have a title of some sort, like “the harvest festival” or “the cooking festival.” Just calling it “the Festival” makes it sound like the villagers are mumbling about the Festival and how it will please the Old One. Luckily, it seems to just be your regular cooking festival, at least insofar as you can call any festival in which you can earn a shield shaped like a frying pan with an egg “regular.”

Yes, players can earn cooking-themed weapon skins, along with home decor, achievements, and special buffs. Take part in festival daily quests and timed quests for a variety of crafting and gathering chores, feed hungry cats, and cook special festival dishes. There’s something of a food-based holiday coming up later this week for players in the United States, so hopefully you’ll still have the appetite for a bit more cooking.

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Melissa McDonald

Shiro Madoushi

It’s just copied from last year with the same rewards. #lazythanksgiving


Garbage festival… most of the playerbase doesn’t even like this stuff. Plz don’t forget to mention thatthe upcoming 4.5 patch is shitting all over cooking and alchemy by removing a large portion of their benefits.


Now that’s an image. Did she win the Largest Udder prize at the county fair?

Celestrata Bloodsong

*Cough* Feastival. ;) <3