SMITE’s Passage to Egypt patch rewards PvE players for besting Loki

Patch 4.22 Passage to Egypt is live in SMITE this week. Its headlining feature? A new “nightmare” difficulty mode for the freebie co-op RPG content that’s still relatively new to the MOBA.

“In the Trials of King Hercules, the Champion of Rome brought forth challenges for mortals and gods alike to test their mettle. Millions braved the dungeon, and few slew the great Nemean Lion and reveled in the spoils. Even fewer mustered the strength to journey beyond the cave and eventually slay the final beast, the Hydra and its many heads. But now, the demigod is missing – and, once again, you must heed the call to face the challenges laid before you. This time, the villainous Loki travels through the various realms of the Norse Pantheon.”

In fact, the first team to defeat Loki in Nightmare mode was already rewarded with $100 in gems and skin codes to boot, though the community site lists a bundle of additional challenges. Players should also expect the new themey Egyptian questline and an item balancing pass aimed at tuning endgame strats.

Source: Press release, landing page

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Just a few more days and it’ll be $66 worth of gems instead.

Bryan Turner

What does Loki have to do with Egypt?

Jaymes Buckman

Dude’s branching out. It’s good to have goals.


The Passage to Egypt stuff is for the Odyssey 2018 event where every two weeks (aka every patch) new Odyssey items revolving around a specific pantheon are released. This patch’s Odyssey items are centered on Egyptian suff, which includes god skins for Serqet and Geb (two Egyptian gods) + an Egyptian themed Jump Stamp (it’s kind of like a spray from Overwatch but you jump to ‘stamp’it down on the ground).

The Adventure mode stuff is separate from the Odyssey and that’s where Loki is the final boss of the mode’s newly added Nightmare difficulty.