Crowfall retires pledge packages in favor of pre-orders, partners with AbleGamers

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Before we get to talking about ways Crowfall is trying to make money, here is something it’s giving away for free: four brand-new Patch 5.3 wallpapers. Treat yourself today.

ArtCraft gave its community a heads-up that at the end of 2017, it will be retiring its business model of selling pledge packages in favor of smaller pre-orders. This especially affects the larger bundles of $200 or more, which the studio said will be broken down and sold in smaller increments to those who want a la carte purchases. There will also be three pre-order editions put on sale as the game ramps up toward beta and release.

“In late January, we’ll be transitioning pricing for almost everything in our store to a micro-transaction currency (known as crowns), which function in a manner… well, like pretty much every other online game,” the studio said. “All virtual items will use crown pricing while digital and physical copies of the game, VIP Tickets and a few services will continue to be priced using real-world currency. All existing wallets will be converted to crowns, at the highest currency-to-crown ratio that we offer.”

ArtCraft also mentioned on Twitter that it is teaming up with AbleGamers to help make Crowfall more accessible for those with physical handicaps.

Source: Crowfall
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