Roll a Mystic in Black Desert for fun and profit starting today

Fancy yourself a new Mystic toon in Black Desert? You can’t play her just yet, but you can roll one starting today. The MMORPG famous for rolling out character creators ahead of launch has done it again today with its weekly patch. In fact, if you roll yourself a Mystic (thereby claiming your name too!), make sure you submit her to Kakao’s “beauty contest.” The studio will be picking the five best out of the most-downloaded templates from each region to receive prizes including a nifty outfit.

If your account is already overloaded with toons, make sure you make the trek to the cash shop, where you can pick up a new character slot expansion coupon dirt cheap: They’re just 1 loyalty right now (regular slots are 70% off). And even if you don’t care about the contest and have slots to spare, everyone who pre-registers a Mystic with the coupon will also walk away with free loot. There’s no downside here.

Just… nobody tell MJ Kakao is handing out free stuff just for playing with character creation!

People are already loading Twitter with some of their best (and worst) creations if you want a sneak peek. I wish I could pull off a pixie cut, man.

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Toy Clown

Looks like it’s time to get BDO all patched up again!

Denice J. Cook

Thanks for reminding me to get back to this one, Massively!

I wish I had the patience (and time) to make a really unique-looking character. I go more for a great name (that is what everyone on the server sees you as, anyway, really) to go with a certain theme for each character, and get out there and play instead. Otherwise, I’d never see anything but character creation what with two jobs and two kids. :P

Melissa McDonald

Don’t let anyone tell you that character creation isn’t a game, or fun, or worth the time you spend on it. I do it alla time :)

Melissa McDonald

It’s fantastic to not only have beauty contests, but to make the templates downloadable. Just another great feature of BDO. #GameOfTheYear2017


I went with a pixie cut too for mine, because I tried to make her look like the Diablo 3 female Monk. Came out alright. Makeup is hard. Didn’t get any screens.

Over all pretty excited to get another Energy Slave. At 515 maximum energy another alt is always welcome. Also lots of potential for a new character with the family fame system. Already capped out on combat Fame, but I still want that extra money from Life Skill fame!