Global Adventures trots into closed beta, lures players in with promises of rewards


Is one of your 2018 resolutions to try new games? Well here’s one that looks pretty interesting, and it just went into closed beta.

Global Adventures is a world-spanning ARPG that definitely leans toward the colorful and ridiculous. Grab a friend (or not) and go on treasure hunts across the world as you face off against zombies, old gods, and ninja. Basically, it’s Tomb Raider meets Indiana Jones meets Diablo meets Zany Willy’s Fun Time Adventure Hour.

The studio said that anyone can give the game a try for free right now, although there will be a wipe prior to open beta and all of the additional features that are in the works. For players who give the game a try right now, however, the team teased unspecified “reward incentives” for participating in the test.

Source: Steam
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I played this for about seven minutes and then turned it off. Between the opening screen inviting me to pay money in their cash shop to help test it, the character selection screen where one character claims “I’m not fat! I just keep my head down!” (epic Chinese-English translation, there) and boring gameplay, I knew this wasn’t for me pretty quickly.

Jack Kerras

I am not usually this guy, but…

…why would anyone, -anyone- play this game? Everything about it looks and sounds just punishingly cheap. It’s, like… back before people hired voice actors cheap. Sometimes your sound/game designer is Terri Brosious… sometimes it’s absolutely all of these folks, with a Google-translated-at-best script to boot.

If I had played those eight minutes of game, I’d be uninstalling on the spot, even before I got to the fatigue system, the VIP nonsense, and every other utterly valueless thing that somehow works on the other side of the world.

Chosenxeno .

Just read on Steam that a GM confirmed that you will NOT be refunded any coins you purchased in Closed Beta. All you will get is a Mount. Oh yea. This game has the VIP 1-10 system that every gamer simply ADORES!


The sad thing is once the game is cleaned up it could be a fun little time waster that stood on Merit. Alas, the Chinese can’t help themselves. This is essentially a Browser Game like League of Angels.

Chosenxeno .

As I said in a YouTube post: Chinese+Stamina System+Combat Rating = Will be pay to win.