Maplestory mobile spinoff Maplestory M hits Android beta today


Maplestory is one of those MMOs that runs quietly under the radar but manages to have a massive following all the same. Will Maplestory M, its mobile spinoff, amass the same sort of loyalty? We’ll see, and soon, as today it’s kicked off a global beta for Android players that runs through January 30th.

Maplestory M will reportedly offer new playable characters in addition to familiar friends, plus the typical assortment of mobile content: daily dungeons, boss mobs, power-up jewels, a new forging system, and something called private mini-dungeons. Ten-man raids are also on offer.

According to Nexon, the game became the top-ranked free-to-play game in Korea on both iOS and Android when it launched in the region in 2016. Formal release in the west is expected “later this year” for both platforms.

For what it’s worth, I’m downloading the game as I write this; I was surprised to see that it will run on both my brand-new phone and my antique that’s four years old, so your kid’s hand-me-down toaster might just run this.

Source: Press release, Google Play

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It runs on Nox if you want to run it on your desktop.

David Goodman

Bree, I type out my messages on 734 individual punch cards and send them via mail. Do you think that I could play Maplestory M?


Kickstarter Donor

So wait is this something new?

Because I know I’ve played MapleStory on my phone before, was that just the beta and this is the full lunch or something?


This is brunch.