Black Desert players take their first peek at the game’s next region, Drieghan

Yes, players have finally gotten a sneak peek at the next new land arriving to Black Desert, a vast and mountainous region to the south of the existing map. The bad news is that the page offering that first look is in Korean, being as the game is of Korean origins. So you’ll have to rely upon the analysis on Reddit if you want to make sense of it.

Or you could already know or learn Korean, obviously, but that might be a bit much for a fairly simple preview of the game’s next areas.

These new areas do not have a release date yet for the US version of the game, although it’s still early in the year. Players will be able to explore new lands and presumably continue the game’s main storyline, so players are no doubt excited to see what’s in Drieghan. And you can see it right now… a small slice of it, anyhow.


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Didn’t they say that the Korean releases and Western releases would happen at the same time now?

Bryan Turner

I understand that this is a Sand Box title how ever out side the story quest line is there any lore, like the book system in ESO, or the ambient conversations and dynamic Events in GW2 that tells half the story, or is it just killing crap for mats and doing PVP?

BDO would be attractive if there was plenty of lore nuggets all over the place that were not in your face with story, does BDO do this, does it encourage exploration and reward it?

I can’t deny that the game looks fantastic.

Lets say I bought the game, are there any must have items from the cash shop to better settle me in to the game?


There is a crazy amount of Lore.

However the game’s Lore is more like Dark Souls or Bloodborne style games where you have to piece it together through Knowledge Unlocks. That means amity unlocks via conversations, knowledge from side quests and main quests, etc.

For example even though there’s the main black spirit series of quests through a region, there’s lots of “Adventure Journals” in knowledge that have you do conversations or specific quest lines that kinda explain what’s going on in the world.

This kind of “optional” lore system means a lot of people who aren’t interested in it just see “Oh whatever kill X Trolls” but if you’re willing to explore, look for quests, read knowledge entries, and go at it then you can understand why the trolls are attacking for example and why you’re sent to kill them.


I usually recommend buying this game on sale and getting the Explorer’s Package for $25. I then also recommend people spend $30 and get 3 pets (and if you use a new account coupon that will give you enough to buy an Item Brand). This will give you 4 pets, which is enough to not hate your life while grinding (pets loot for you). It will also give you 2 months of Value Pack which should be enough time to tell if you want to continue with the game or not. Be mindful of the Horse Whistle from the Explorer’s Pack, as it is character bound so don’t use it on a character till you know you want to play that character.

That $55 should get you a lot of mileage in game. Don’t worry about weight or inventory slots or other crazy things people tell you are “mandatory.” While leveling I recommend you do the Black Spirit Quests as they will give you inventory expansions but you can ignore that as well. Questing outside of that is generally only for Contribution XP and isn’t tied to gaining Combat levels. This will let you actively make income by grinding (with the 4 pets) and AFK make money via fishing (by putting an Item Brand on a Balenos Fishing Rod which is a permanent fishing rod).

If you get in and have questions, you can hit me up in game, my Family name is Arktouros.


My recommendation if you’ve never tried it before is to try to find a free 7 day trial code or buy just the base game for $5-$10 on steam. The main thing that stuck out to me as a must if you’re serious about playing is the pets (cause picking up the loot manually is obnoxiously annoying). However, I’d give the game a go and see if you generally like the systems and the gameplay prior to investing any money besides what is absolutely necessary.


There is SO much lore to this world! I’ve said it before – what is going in rivals Lord of the Rings is scope and quality.

The issue tends to be that for english speakers, the wonky localization and very poorly organized interface can be a barrier strong enough to push people away. But if yo8u push through it, at least for me, I’ve never been sucked into a game world more.

I’ve been playing since the beta in early 2016 and is my main MMO. I’ve never bought anything from the cash shop except for housing stuff (did I mention how amazing the housing is!)

For $4.99 on sale or even $9.99 regular, you cannot beat this value in MMO gaming.

Edit: A few notes… pets are not necessary, not is grinding. I’ve never spent a minute grinding in my life, it’s simply not necessary. If you’re going to be in some kind of race to the top of a siege guild, maybe? But you didn’t come across to me as that.

I’ve spent nearly all of my time fishing, trading, and making boat parts as my crafting specialty :)


If you’re going to be in some kind of race to the top of a siege guild, maybe?

It’s not really a matter of that, but rather when you look at any form of active income (as in income that requires active game play) grinding is simply the most efficient over all within the game. It pushes the most amount of character progression (character xp, skill xp, and loot) and it’ll be the option your “average” player will end up taking in this game.

However it is, 100% true, viable to do nothing but fishing, trading, doing whatever in this game. I highly recommend, as with any game really, people should really take a crack at all aspects of the game and give hunting a try, craft some boats, gather some odd materials, try farming, grind “non-optimal” locations, and in generally really take the game to it’s fullest. Not at all at once of course, but there’s a lot of game here to ignore to only grind at the min-max spots.


There used to be a lore video on YouTube that explained the back story to the world, it was actually pretty interesting and invovled plague, displaced peoples, refugees, war, enforced vassal states, etc.

Some of this you also learn as you do the quests.

The only thing I don’t like about BDO is that some of the areas are absolutely gorgeous, and the NPC’s beautifully designed, but once you finish the quests in an area there’s little incentive to go back.