Dark and Light pushes the Air Temple PvE update to the end of March


Dark and Light players are probably still irritated over last week’s patch delay and rollback – Snail hears you. “February was a hectic month, and there were a lot of different aspects of Dark and Light that we wanted to work on,” the team says in its community letter this week. “We delayed patches and content so that we could address further issues and improve content.”

The good news is that it’s released its promised March timeline with a patch every week starting March 8th. The first three tackle bugs, optimization, and quality-of-life upgrades, while the last patch of the month includes the Air Temple.

“As you can see, the new PvE experience has been pushed to the end of this month. […] We have a new community event planned for the week before and leading up to the patch on 3/29, and we’ll have more information on that event in the near future.”

That does mean a delay until April for the dev kit currently in testing.

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2Ton Gamer

The saddest thing about this game is that there are better Ark mods than this actual game and I’m assuming they still have not opened up modding support.