Black Desert is introducing the Musa to its Southeast Asia servers

If you’ve been playing Black Desert in America for a while, you are not surprised to see the Musa. Heck, the Musa is downright normal at this point, he’s been flitting about for some time alongside his distaff counterpart, the Maehwa. But if you’re playing the game’s version in southeast Asia, you’ve been without either for some time. No longer; the game has just rolled out the Musa as a playable option, with the Maehwa planned for release next week.

The game is also hosting several events for players to explore with the new class, including a leveling event and a screenshot contest. It’s not clear if these events will apply only for the Musa or will also allow new Maehwa characters to take part, but if you just can’t wait to level something new, you don’t have to regardless. And if you’ve already been playing the game’s US version and were just waiting for this to migrate over… well, here we are.

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This was the worst ever game mechanic ever in Black Desert Online! It still burns me up just thinking about it even years after I stopped playing. No trades with guildies or friends was just stupid and the worst idea ever (except for maybe Arche Age’s labor system). It was a lame-ass attempt at stopping RMT and gold-sellers from invading the game and only made the game more “solo play” which for an MMO, is just plain stupid for all the usual, obvious reasons.
My family and me will never, ever play an MMO that doesn’t encourage group/social play at least through the very core and necessary mechanic of being able to assist and interact through player trading…

Kickstarter Donor

Dear Korea, stop with the gender locking in almost all your games!!!

Roger Melly

I keep hoping they will offer us a ranged male character .