RIFT is tweaking ability performance to address area impact

Maybe I can hammer it into working well?
[AL:Rift]There’s a bit of a problem that’s turning up on RIFT, both the Prime server and the live servers. That problem? Some abilities just have too much impact. Not in terms of damage done or anything like that; they’re impacting performance too much. The development team is working hard on addressing the way these abilities act on both versions of the game, so players will hopefully notice less of a performance impact in congested areas.

The team is also taking a close look at ability balance on the Prime server, as the tweaks there shouldn’t affect the live server; while there are always balance issues, some Prime abilities are far too potent, and high-end PvP is dominated by healing at the moment. Thus, players should expect some tweaks to wrestle things back into line in the near future. Expect more changes to be rolled out as both sides of the game are carefully addressed.

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