Wild West Online outlines current system initiatives


Busy times over at Wild West Online, where the dev team is pushing forward on multiple fronts. Currently, the devs are focused on bringing back quests to the test server, a new supply chain gameplay system, animal hunting grounds, land deeds, player-owned plantations, and an improved town capture event.

Speaking of town captures, the devs gave a broad overview of how this system will work within the larger framework of factions, such as bandits and sheriffs. The devs said that factions “still define ‘side’ you’re aligned with in a global conflict, but they also give your character perks.”

Other discussions taking place right now involve new facial features for male characters, the design of an impressive-looking gatling gun, and a new map called the Northern Regions which may be mostly focused on relic hunts, gold mines, and hunting grounds.

Source: Wild West Online, Facebook. Thanks, DK!
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