War Thunder preps Naval Forces update with new light cruisers, World of Tanks kicks off console Dream Machines event for May

So many tank MMOs, so little time – but time enough to see what they’re up to!

War Thunder is actually working on everything but tanks right now. In anticipation of the closed beta test for its Naval Forces update, it’s revealed two new¬†light cruiser warships: the Italian Giussano-class light cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni and the British HMS Enterprise, an Emerald-class light cruiser.

“Light cruisers are well placed at distance from smaller enemy vessels, in such conditions, they can inflict severe damage on the enemy fleet while sustaining fire even from two destroyers simultaneously. In close combat, armour-piercing shells can deal devastating damage to light cruisers, and they always need to keep an eye out for enemy torpedo boats sneaking dangerously close. Played strategically, light cruisers protected by destroyers and patrol ships will be able to assert dominance over an entire sea sector, securing strategic positions and blocking enemies from advancing through an area of interest.”

Meanwhile, Wargaming has announced a bizarre new event for World of Tanks: a Soviet Dream Machines¬†promo that’ll run through all of the month of May, but only on console.

“The Soviet Dream Machines event marks the return of the Motherland, a legendary Soviet medium tank that serves as a badge of honor for commanders in World of Tanks Console. Originally one of the first hero tanks introduced to the game, the Motherland has attained almost mythical status and remains a highly sought-after prize to this day. Players will need to work hard, but they can unlock the coveted tank by accumulating 1,000 or more points during the Soviet Dream Machines event.”

Starting tomorrow, you’ll rack up points toward the event by making the top five in multiplayer matchups.

Source: War Thunder, World of Tanks, press releases