Albion Online discusses the royal city revamp for its upcoming Merlyn update

Homeward bound, I wish I was...

The trouble with having one universal hub in Albion Online is that basically no one cares about the five other hubs in the game. That’s what the game’s next content update, Merlyn, is partly meant to address. While Caerleon will not be changed, each of the other five royal cities will be getting bonuses to refining certain types of goods and item production. Thus, players will be inspired to seek out the other cities with Caerleon as a fallback, rather than just chilling forever in Caerleon.

“But what about PvP?” The developers are glad you asked that because that segues nicely into having five sides of faction warfare running. Each of the cities represents a different faction, and as it turns out, the factions all hate each other… which means that signing on with a faction allows you to fight people from the other faction anywhere. But signing on to a faction also gives you access to special resources. So it should give you more reason to explore and more opportunities to fight people, even in otherwise safe zones. How joyous! Remember to enjoy all of that when it comes to Steam next week on May 16th.


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That whole hub city thing…the convenience vs inconveniences thing, the player concentration issues, etc have been a fairly fundamental meta subject as long as mmo’s have been a thing.

And it’s only just occurred to them now?

Man I hate when a game I’m looking forward to does that, suggesting some pretty basic crap apparently wasn’t even on their radar.


I think the thing is they knew what they were doing.. they didn’t just ignore the warnings, they just didn’t care about them.

But yes, everything you’ve stated is the sad truth.

Rolan Storm

You guys are so helpful. I’ve been eyeing this one since alpha, but no. This is just not healthy – though _so_ typical.