Sea of Thieves developers talk about the work on the Hungering Deep and subsequent updates

going nowhere, going nowhere

The first major update for Sea of Thieves will be out in the wild soon, and as the newest development video shows off, the team behind it didn’t have much lead time. Heck, logic alone would make that clear; there was only enough time to work on the update from launch and after the initial launch haze faded, so you’re seeing the work of a team with very little lead time. Subsequent updates will have more, however.

The video just below also discusses some of the philosophy behind the game’s updates and how much players can expect to see; the plan is that each bit of content should have some time-limited components for players who are right there for something new as well as permanent additions for the game. So you’ll have challenges that need to be met swiftly and others that you can take on at your leisure. Check out the full video just below for the full discussion.


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Josh Whipkey

Until they fix the FOV for this game, I will not play it. On a 4K monitor it feels terribly claustrophobic- like you are peering through a keyhole the entire time. Jittery camera that doesn’t show enough of the world= sickness.


Dang, I didn’t realize anyone was still playing until this article popped.

Dragon Whimsy

As a GW2 player let me tell you, time limited content in a game where people are begging for more content is a really, REALLY bad idea. And at least GW2 launched with tons of content, Sea of Thieves doesn’t even have that going for it.

Kickstarter Donor
Chris Neal

At this point, these videos kind of sound like they’re repeating themselves and are being cranked out simply because the studio spent money on the set. Just a lot of non-information drawn out over seven minutes.