Crowfall gets so popular it overwhelms its own code

And then you're DEAD in the GROUND.

Every MMO wants to be popular. You get to sit at the nice lunch table and everyone talks about how cool you are, all great stuff. But Crowfall hit an odd tier of popularity with its latest patch. The good news was that the game had more testers in-game and playing than ever before, but the bad new was that the game had so many people playing that it hit several hard-coded faction limits that had been added in previously. Studio head J. Todd Coleman tweeted about the snafu and promised that changes were being made to support the influx.

Of course, if you’re not having trouble with that – perhaps you’re at work right now and couldn’t play anyhow, for example – you can still enjoy the time-lapse video below of art lead David Greco putting together concept art for a statue of the goddess Yaga. She’s scowly and angry, and you can watch each brushstroke come together to capture that! It’s a fun video.

Source: Twitter, Official Site

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Glad to hear that Crowfall is still getting more and more people into it. I played in some of the early tests, I should hop back in and see where it’s at.


David Greco is such an awesome artist. I love his work.