Shroud of the Avatar’s release 54 today brings new house recipe, nested containers, and companion buffs – but not brewing


Fifty-four! That’s the number stamped on today’s Shroud of the Avatar release, going live at 11:30 a.m. EDT this morning. The monthly update includes two adventure scenes, an uncloned town, scene polish, new side quests, new recipes (including one for a new row house), improved player vendors, pattern removers, improved skeleton baddies, UI tweaks (like containers inside containers), and a nice buff to companions:

“Rounding out your party with the three Companions in Offline Mode will be much more rewarding in Release 54. They are more powerful as the party levels up, they have many more abilities to use, they are better at using their abilities (i.e. knowing when to heal), and they are more aware of their combat environment.”

Brewing didn’t make it into this update as planned, unfortunately; Portalarium says a lot of the “foundational” work for Brewing was completed, but the need to include containers-within-containers for the system caused a delay. It’s now expected in R55. The Chaos Magic balance pass was also delayed.

“We made strong progress on performance, physical goods, improved reward cycle, user interface polish, player direction and story polish,” Portalarium’s Starr Long notes. “We will be spending more time on enemy behaviors and repeatable content in the next release and in Q3.”

The team has a new video out today (and a free trial).


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Enjoying the new release, the best part is the performance boost with the patch, the game runs much smoother.

Mikka Hansen

Why is massively still covering this game?

By its own producer’s admission SOTA requires 50k active users indulging in RMT to be able to carry on operating, yet even the wildest, most optimistical predictions put its playerbase well below the 5k mark.

For all intends and purposes this game is dead in every possible way.


Relax man. I don’t know what the game did to you. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The game is not dead.