Battle for Azeroth has another cool Druid flight form and scads of island expedition rewards


Time to stoke the fires of your World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth excitement! Testers have uncovered another Kul Tiran Druid shapeshift form, this one being a wickedly creepy bird-thing. With the choice between dinos and wicker, Druid fans have a lot to look forward to in the expansion.

And if you haven’t gotten on board with the whole “island expedition” feature yet, you may change your mind once you see a list of all of the potential rewards that you can earn from them. YouTuber HazelNutty helpfully compiled all of the mounts, pets, and toys to make us salivate as we wait for the August release. Check them out below!

Source: Wowhead
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With forms like that it must mean Undead druids, no?



Nope kul tiran human druids


For good or ill the new pack is possibly the most cosmetics-heavy they ever released, with the allied race fad factoring in I’d say it’s a sign they (finally) have a surplus of artists/modellers to fuel this stream of shinies

With manpower always being the bottleneck in the past there might even be some hope to see the new worgen models they constantly push back for real…eventually…unless more allied races to be pushed as marketable content don’t take the helm…what are the chances, right?