Bless Online turns its attention to proper localization, hires new temporary support staff


For all its early access faults, Bless Online’s seemingly endless stream of producer updates and apologies ought to at least help assuage some of the the launch frustration. Today, Neowiz has yet another long missive for the playerbase from Executive Producer Sungjin Ko, who thanks players for their feedback promises more letters in the future too.

“First of all, we have reviewed all of your feedback regarding server stabilization, localization, monetization, game content, and more,” Ko writes. “As a result, we found that the biggest issues were server stabilization, client optimization and game content adjustments that differ from our originally intended game design.”

Ko also acknowledges the game’s localization just isn’t up to snuff. That’s apparently because because work on localization was paused prior to early access, but now, Neowiz is back on schedule.

“Our top priority right now is to increase the quality of the English translations and to eliminate player confusion caused by poorly translated text. As mistranslations can be patched without server maintenance, we will apply the new edited files to the client to as soon as they are available to improve the quality of the translation.”

Neowiz further says it’s brought on new support staff to handle the influx of player tickets and continues to work on improving performance.

Source: Steam
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