Bless Online turns its attention to proper localization, hires new temporary support staff


For all its early access faults, Bless Online’s seemingly endless stream of producer updates and apologies ought to at least help assuage some of the the launch frustration. Today, Neowiz has yet another long missive for the playerbase from Executive Producer Sungjin Ko, who thanks players for their feedback promises more letters in the future too.

“First of all, we have reviewed all of your feedback regarding server stabilization, localization, monetization, game content, and more,” Ko writes. “As a result, we found that the biggest issues were server stabilization, client optimization and game content adjustments that differ from our originally intended game design.”

Ko also acknowledges the game’s localization just isn’t up to snuff. That’s apparently because because work on localization was paused prior to early access, but now, Neowiz is back on schedule.

“Our top priority right now is to increase the quality of the English translations and to eliminate player confusion caused by poorly translated text. As mistranslations can be patched without server maintenance, we will apply the new edited files to the client to as soon as they are available to improve the quality of the translation.”

Neowiz further says it’s brought on new support staff to handle the influx of player tickets and continues to work on improving performance.

Source: Steam

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I dont understand why people put all japanese / korean games on the same sack… thats not fair.

FFxiv is a japanese game after all. Aion and lineage was korean game. Bdo is korean game as is tera.

So stop the comments like “a typical korean/japanese game”

Oh and btw i am from Europe, inb4 you think i wrote this because i am korean or japanese…

JC Denton

I called it:
I didn’t want to be right but I still called it.

All the shill/fake ‘positive’ reviews to offset the ‘Mostly Negative’ of the market with newly-minted accounts only having one or two products in their library.

Every time I see an article on ‘Mess Online’, it gives me great pleasure and much *popcorn*.

The problems with optimization are baked into the (old outdated) Unreal Engine 3 that they are using. A version of UE3 that they refused to update because then they couldn’t easily rip assets from other UE3 games that have been released.

So here’s my newest prediction: Neowiz is going to do the absolute bare-minimum and drag things out as much as possible until the refund time for credit card chargebacks wears out (usually 90 days). This is typical of Korean/Japanese/Chinese gaming companies.

My initial prediction that the game will be completely dead/forgotten by September 2018 was far too generous. At this rate, it’ll be August 2018 or even Mid-July 2018.

If anyone doesn’t already know, Steam has stopped doing ‘unconditional’ refunds of Bless Founder Packs and standard Bless packs beyond 2 hours or 14 days, whichever comes first.

Valve seems to be doing refund requests now on a case by case basis, however if you have purchased the game recently despite these issues then they probably won’t help you at all. Can’t fix everything ^_^

This cycle of ‘crash and burn’ will continue to happen over and over and over and over again as long as there are people with more money than sense.


Localization is something that should be done prior to launching the game, especially in the starter zones, or as they call them “new areas”. But i got over that. Optimization of the client is still pretty crappy, and with more than 10 character on the screen it grinds my GTX 980 to a halt. I decided to give them time on that too.

But after realizing that after hitting level 11 i have to grind mobs for multiple levels just so that quests become available to me, that’s where i draw the line. Tech can always be fixed, but inherent game design cannot. From what i hear, this is a theme that is prevalent throughout the leveling process (do couple of quests -> grind mobs and dungeons for multiple levels -> quests unlock again), and i refuse to have to resort to “creating my own fun” because devs are too lazy to put in the appropriate PVE content.

I have uninstalled the game until i hear that this philosophy has changed.


Honestly, the main reason I seeked a refund was due to poor localization. Quests where translation was so bad I couldn’t even complete them. If they fix this, i’ll give the game another spin.

Vincent Clark

I give it another month. A game company can only say “sorry” so many times. If people are still playing this mess after then, in my opinion they forfeit any right to complain about what the company does or doesn’t do.


I was never going to purchase this Frankenstein of a game and will be happy the day it shuts it’s doors. I was just happy it turned out worse then i thought because these people should be behind bars for stealing money from the simple minded. Enjoy what you deserve for not doing research on something out of Korea

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As with most things, I’m glad I waited, and I’ll see what happens over the next year or so before… probably not buying it.

Still, glad they’re trying to fix things.

Mizpyra G. Irl

Not only it’s too late.. it’s unethical and un-everything you can think of, having the face to expect people to pay full price for this mess, and stick around to test the game, the infrastructure, provide feedback (and logfiles to analyze) for a half-baked product with an outdated technology and the underlying netcode “designed” (if you can even call this design) to work only within KR legislation and broadband.

Everyone supporting this kind of developers is responsible for the sorry state the gaming industry is in at the moment.

Dug From The Earth

Its too late for me. Companies need to learn that this sorta effort needs to be put in BEFORE you release the game, not after.

When gamers put up with/allow companies to perform this way, it just enables future companies to do the same. They think, “how much can we get away with before gamers riot?” Why? Simple. Money. Or rather, saving money. The less they can do, the less it costs them, assuming they can get away with it. This whole business game of “Lets see how much we can push the limit before we trip up” needs to stop, and it wont, if gamers keep being ok with them saying, “Sooo sorry”

Jo Watt

It’s kind of a two way street with game development on mmos. Established companies with plenty of money can easily develope a game start to finish and release a complete product and then proceed to rework everything based off feed back from alpha, betas and after launch.

Smaller/ newer companies need the Early Access ( regardless of past launches or not ) to get the game out there in a playable state to generate money. This allows them to get players into their game sooner and supply feedback that they can then work on.

The real problem lately is that a lot of Korean games are making their way over in a completed state that just needs localization. These games are calling localization tests alpha, beta and early access ( which is incorrect since they are not actually testing anything game wise or making any changes ) A game like Bless is clearly in the actual early access phase which the company needs money and player feedback for making improvements.

Tldr, People were expecting a finished product since the game has “launched” in other regions and weren’t expecting an actual Early Access game.

But actually on your point I agree that something can be done. Just dont expect a small company to be able to push out a 100% complete mmo without some early access help.

Dug From The Earth

Or in the case of bless, they simply decided to push their luck and cut costs. This is the 3rd (or 4th?) release of the game, and they have followed the same pattern every time. Its like selling bad hotdogs on every corner in NY city. You move to the next when people catch on that you are selling garbage, but you dont care because you made $$$ on those first adopters who bought your food before knowing any better.

And the problem with Korean (or many Asian) games isnt so much localization, as it is just sub par games. Doesnt matter how well you do the localization, a sub par game is still a sub par game. In other parts of the world, gamers just expect better from games they play. Asian game devs are learning the hardway that shoving great looking (and sometimes anime) visuals in our face just isnt enough for gamers to be happy.

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Neowiz since launch:
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As fun as it is to shit on the games pretty abysmal launch quality (it shouldn’t be since it’s a shitty thing to do…but damn if it isn’t entertaining), I’ll at least give them credit in that they’re trying after the fact. They’re not sitting around pretending everything is just fine and players are the problem. Would have been better had they put this effort in pre-launch and held some betas and shit, but at least it’s something : |

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Paragon Lost

My issue is like the wild west mmo,they should have known. You don’t give people with no experience multi-millions and turn them loose. Some people in the management department knew things weren’t what they should have and yet they carried things forward.

It’s bullshit, unacceptable and needs to stop. Dug From The Earth’s post above your nails it. We need to stop rewarding these asshats with our cash, loyalty etc when they can’t be bothered to do the job as close to correct as possible.