Chronicles of Elyria brings its world to life with player chat and adorable bunnies


You just couldn’t resist the bunny post, could you? The bunnies were there and your mind goes, “Aww, fluffy little hoppity hoppers!” and now you’re reading a post on Chronicles of Elyria. No, no, don’t leave, you might as well finish it while you’re here.

Anyway, the world of Chronicles of Elyria is coming together as the team prepares for the pre-alpha test. First up for this month’s efforts was getting the chat interface working for the VoxElyria client. “Chat in Chronicles of Elyria is a more complex beast than you might find in your typical MMO,” said the team.

The developers also worked on creating a stable and well-performing hardware platform and fleshing out the world with those adorable bunnies, shrubberies, oxen, and various bits of lore.

“The biggest challenge of this adventure was, without question, the task of bringing more of Elyria to life,” Soulbound said. “Between finalizing and expanding on cultural lore, aesthetics, and tradecraft across all of our tribes and building the creatures, tools, and other elements used in day to day life, the physical presence of Elyria has expanded quite a bit.”

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