Dark Age of Camelot delays its free-to-play shift to 2019


While we reported in December 2017 that Broadsword was aiming for a free-to-play option for Dark Age of Camelot, we haven’t seen a lot of movement on that front — until now. A recent producer’s letter informed the community that the Endless Crusade update with its business model shift has been delayed to the first part of 2019.

“Once patch 1.125 has released, we’ll be shifting our development resources towards the Endless Conquest update,” the team said. “As mentioned in some previous grab bags this option will now be made available to returning and new accounts rather than just newly created ones. This change does increase the scope of the Endless Conquest update considerably but we strongly believe it’s the right way forward for Dark Age of Camelot!”

In addition to working on the F2P version, Broadsword is busy focusing on this summer’s Patch 1.125 (which includes RvR currency, RvR reward streamlining, and two new class/race combos per realm), a new fall harvest event, and a new website.


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Mr. Tyagi

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Anthony Clark

I would love to have a free DAoC. Shame.


Huh. I must’ve missed the news that DAoC was going F2P. I’ll have to check it out. That’s one MMO I always wish I’d tried back in its heyday.

Patreon Donor

Honestly though, who will want to play this in 2019? I don’t see this ancient game getting any new players from F2P.

Kickstarter Donor
Richard de Leon III

a lot of players still play EQ1, you’d be surprised how many DAOC can attract as a free to play title. It would depend how its structured, hopefully not as bad as one would expect.


I would be more interested if they combined this with a fresh start server. I enjoy DAoC but I truly suck and being undergeared and low RR doesn’t help.


Yeah, i have gone back a few times over the years and have no idea how to catch up. I would be all over a fresh start, time lapsed server.