The Elder Scrolls Online is planning a freeplay event next week plus free lockboxes for subbers

Do you want to play The Elder Scrolls Online for free this weekend? Too bad. You can’t. But you can play next week! Yes, ZeniMax has announced that it’s running one of its infamous ESO Plus Bonus Events starting on Tuesday, July 10, and running through the following Monday. Existing subbers, there’s something in it for you too: If you log in during the hoopla, you’ll pick up six free lockboxes.

“To take part in the ESO Plus Bonus Event, log into the game with an active paid ESO Plus membership (the free trial does not count, sorry) each day from July 10 until July 15. Note that in order to qualify, each unique login must occur within a 24-hour time period that starts at 10:00AM EDT and ends at 10:00AM EDT the next day. If you remain logged in over a two-day period, it will only count as a single entry. You must log completely out of the game and back in – only logging out to the character select screen will not work. The free Crown Crates will be delivered to your account by Friday, July 20. Check your Crown Crates menu!”

If you take advantage of the free-play period, know that you’ll be able to check out basically all of the DLC and Morrowind (but not Summerset). You’re getting all of the perks associated with subbing with the exception of the monthly stipend, so that means the experience bonus, costume dyeing, double bank, and so on.

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Article is misleading. It says people can play for free, but this isn’t the case.

There is an ESO Plus free trial, the game cannot be played for free.


*sighs and opens wallet for another month of sub time*

Not that I really feel bad about giving ESO sub money, it’s essentially the same as buying a monthly 1500 Crowns but all the goodies like the crafting inventory are stacked ontop of it.

William Gray

The house always wins.

Bruno Brito

“H-hey kid! The first sample is free, i assure you’ll love it and come back for more!”



Same people that monetized swtor and milked the playerbase are now doing the same thing in this game. Is there anything left to monetize in this game?

b2p with sub basically being mandatory, chapters that aren’t real expansions, dlc if you sub, lootboxes with all the good mounts being in the cash shop and not earnable in game through play. Wish they focused on making great balance changes and fixes that have been in the game for years instead of making this stuff the priority and adding the same copy and paste updates. Glad I quit playing this game a long time ago.


They seem to be doing ESO Plus trials every once in a while and one can play through the DLCs they don’t have during this time. That’s how I played through Orsinium and Clockwork City. I only buy chapters now, no need for the DLCs. xD


The dealer will always get you high for free the first time.

Arcsine Gaming

I was kind of perturbed that Psijic creates doesn’t have a complete motif, it only comes in pieces. But with the daily login rewards, it looks like we’re getting 4-5 crates a month for free. Add the crates from events like this and over the season we’ll probably get 20+ crates for free. I just hope that they didn’t reduce the drop rates of the better stuff to make up for the free crates…


putting in all the recipes makes it more difficult to get the better stuff.