Darkfall: Rise of Agon looks forward to big new systems like dynamic housing

Yeah, systems are the problem.

The last patch for Darkfall: Rise of Agon had a whole gaggle of stuff in it. There’s even a video walking through all of the stuff contained therein below, if you want to check it out. But that’s all in the past now, and so the developers are looking ahead to future additions and improvements for the game. First on the list? The Relic system, which will allow players to pick up powerful Relics and attune to them, thus building characters in new and interesting ways and differentiating individual playstyles further.

The team is also hard at work on building the game’s dynamic housing system, allowing players to drop houses anywhere they’d like within the game world. That ties into expanded territory control mechanics in the game, as well as the upcoming Clan Platinum currency for purchasing clan-related things like siege weapons. So when you’re done enjoying the newest features the patch has to offer, you can start peering into the game’s future and get excited about that.


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Mr. Tyagi

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Someone who’s currently playing, what’s the overall state of the game? I played back at the launch of RoA, thinking of hopping back in to scratch that sandbox itch.

Wes Furtive

There’s a nice core of population playing, enough to get fights at several different cities or villages consistently. Definitely worth getting into it atm so you can be ahead of the game before the eventualy f2p zerg rush :P


are you aware that a totally separately run/developed version of DF exists?
it’s Darkfall: New Dawn.
they have no fast travel and local banking.
and that’s where the big sieges happen.