Space survival game ROKH has suspended development


Following ROKH’s early access debut in May 2017, the space survival game faced significant obstacles. It got bogged down in a legal dispute last fall and vied for the attention of its dev team when a new project arose this past spring, though at the time the developers promised they wouldn’t abandon its original game and backers. It was one of the games that MOP’s MJ wanted to love but said that she couldn’t (yet).

But hope is dwindling fast for the game, especially now that Darewise Entertainment has officially confirmed that ROKH’s development has been suspended.

“We are on the hunt, every day, for a publisher or a financial partner to bring back ROKH in development,” said the studio. “It takes times but we won’t give up until we exhausted all options. We do understand the frustration. Unfortunately, we need a new source of funding to go on with the development as the game makes barely zero revenue at the moment.”

Darewise has asked that supporters create a petition for the revival of the game in order to show potential investors that there is an audience for this project.

Source: Steam. Thanks HolyAvengerOne!
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