Albion Online teases bosses and promises a fame boost for next week’s Merlyn deployment


Merlyn is landing in Albion Online next week, bringing a big overhaul to the game’s factions – including new factional bosses for each key city and biome. Sandbox Interactive’s latest video previews five of them, and you don’t really even need voiceover to explain that each of them is a bit different; for example, the Thetford boss is clearly a fireball-flinging wizard, while Lymhurst’s champion was Legolas in another life.

Sandbox has also posted up a huge guide to crafting in the game, covering novice unlocks, item study, foci, and quality.

Finally, with next week’s launch, players will be enjoying a big boost to Fame. “To kickoff the Merlyn update in style, and since we know how much you love that Fame, next week from [July 31st to August 6th] all players will get 25% more Fame for all activities in the world of Albion – gathering, crafting, killing mobs, and everything else,” says the studio.

Source: Twitter
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