APB patches in bug fixes, balance changes, and a new gun

Happiness is a warm gun.

It would be understandable if you felt a little cynical about the future of APB: Reloaded even after its acquisition by Little Orbit, but the new team is genuinely hard at work to improve player experiences. A pair of recent patches dropped back-to-back to improve the game. The first one added a whole new gun, the Showstopper, along with a variety of balance changes like making shotgun pellets more damaging and encouraging greater accuracy on sniper rifles.

After just a day of testing, another patch arrived to provide fixes for issues like a crash related to friend requests, as well as further addressing balance issues by adding new variants of the Anubis. Prototype districts have also been renamed for clarity, so it should be easier to see where you are and where you’re going, in short. It’s all good news for players, and it should show a commitment to providing updates and patches in a timely fashion for the playerbase.

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