CCP calls NetEase EVE Online partnership a ‘new era for internet spaceships in China’

We all live in a potentially messy world.
NetEase is making bold moves this summer. First it threatened to sue battle royale clones in retaliation for PUBG Corp.’s lawsuit. Then it dropped a cool $50 million on SpatialOS and vowed to publish an MMO using that platform. And now it’s apparently taking over publishing EVE Online in China.

“We’re delighted to announce that the story of EVE Online will continue in China, as CCP partners with NetEase Games to take New Eden’s Serenity server to the next level for Chinese capsuleers,” CCP wrote this morning. “With a track record of releasing games of high quality in the Chinese market and abundant operating experience in this territory which remains super close to CCP’s heart, NetEase will no doubt prove to be a suitable publisher for EVE Online in China.”

The company says it expects NetEase to take over publishing in October and promises Chinese players that its “core priority is to preserve and protect the history and legacy of their gameplay, and the achievements they’ve worked so hard for in New Eden.”

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