Trove is adding 162 player-designed wearables in tomorrow’s update

There's a primal dark might here.
Trove is gearing up for what it’s calling a major quality-of-life update tomorrow. Bomber royale – that’s the voxelbox’s battle royale mode – is getting the most movement, as Trion has “tuned [it] to award more active, aggressive play.”

“Some experience is now granted based on damage done to other players, and the amount of experience granted for just staying alive has been reduced. Experience for each kill has also been reduced since it is now easier to get credit for kills on players who die from lava or falling. Average experience gain may be lower, but very aggressive and accurate players will be more rewarded.”

Personally, I’m most interested in the changes to club worlds, which are basically the game’s guild halls, except that they’re actually enormous maps on which a club/guild can built anything at all. The patch introduces a system for replacing AWOL club leaders and tweak some of the club-centric aventures. There are also new craftable dragon mounts, a huge rebalance for the Ice Sage class that will hopefully make it viable again, and a bunch of new player-created gear pieces – we count 162 in the list.

Want to hear about the best stuff in Trove? We revived the Why I Play column last week to make our case for why the game is worth playing in 2018.


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Grave Knight

Does this game still have a latency issue?