World of Warcraft: Free stories, class tuning, expansion prep guides, and Vol’dun overview

Whenever you're ready.

There’s no shortage of World of Warcraft news as Battle for Azeroth looms next week, so let’s hop to it! Players should steel themselves for another round of class tuning changes, which are arriving today and will most notably impact Druids and Priests.

Blizzard continued to stoke the fires of Horde vs. Alliance conflict with the release of two free e-stories that look at the different sides of this conflict. Of course, some players are still coping with the huge lost of Teldrassil from last week, using art as a coping mechanism to express their sorrow.

The studio also posted a zone overview of Vol’dun, a Horde-side region full of sand, salt flats, and rocky terrain. There are a lot of secrets to be uncovered here, and players will also bump into the fox-like Vulpera and the snake-like Sethrak.

Blizzard recently teamed up with prominent WoW YouTuber Bellular to produce a series of new and returning player guides for the game:

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I’m glad they released these stories to everyone. Both are worth a read.

I got emotional reading Elegy seeing the descriptions of what was happening to the Night Elven people.

A Good War and today’s Siege of Lordaeron reminded me of Blizzard’s comment about how Sylvanas doesn’t want to lead the Horde bound by honor as it wouldn’t survive. I still don’t know if she has some hidden goal, but so far it seems she really intends to help the Horde as a whole.

Ben Stone

Her motivations were far more clear in the book. It was translated really poorly in-game. Saurfang comes of as the hero when it was his failures that drove her actions.

Bruno Brito

Finished reading the Alliance one. It’s good, but it’s not making up for the hollow reasoning.

The Horde was marching on Silithus. Why divert to Ashenv—”

And then the answer presented itself, so blindingly obvious that she felt as though she’d been stabbed in the gut.

The night elven fleet was en route to Feralas.

Tyrande was in Stormwind.

This was actually funny. The SI:7, the most known and renown spies in Azeroth, not finding any kind of gossip around Orgrimmar? It was almost TOO funny. Sylvanas must control the citizenry with iron fist.


Driven. But he had never expected this. Through blurred vision, he saw Genn Greymane’s face as his wife clung to him, and he realized that not even Genn, who hated Sylvanas with his whole heart, could believe it. No one had thought she would put her cruelty before her cleverness. There was no strategic purpose, no possible reason to destroy the tree. Far from it—with this unfathomable decision, Sylvanas had united the Alliance in a way nothing else could.

This pretty much sums up the entire plot. Sylvanas decision wasn’t smart. She burned the tree because the writers are fucking idiots and want any reason for this war to happen.

She’s literally saying: “Yes, i’m counting on it. The armies of the world will come for me.”

Starting Horde now.

Bruno Brito

Finished the Horde.

So, mixed feelings is all i have. The writing itself is good. The CORE of the writing feels hollow.

Starts with several plot holes i’m seeing: Sylvanas plans not being reported to Shaw, when Orgrimmar is full of spies. It’s bullshit how they “used the alliance spies against them” Shaw isn’t stupid. The SI:7 isn’t stupid. And Shaw isn’t the only leader of the SI:7 to exist. Not only that, but the Night Elves are also a people with a penchant for nightly business. The rogues and scouts would notice the Horde’s movement before they even started the march. One week was enough time. These leaders wouldn’t gather and concur to move all troops to Silithus just because, even at Horde’s suspicion of war. It’s dumb, and the Night Elves were always at a stalemate with the Orcs. They would NEVER leave their front that open.

Ok, now to the characters. The secondary characters, as always, are solid. Lorash was good, Chikers was great. Morka is also pretty good. Anaria, Delaryn, the priestesses and the young druids are great. Really good.

The MAIN characters? Kinda. Genn and Mia are awesome, Sylvanas was relatively solid through the writing, but her decision making is still subpar. Saurfang is…confusing. His concept of honor is ok-ish, but it’s also known. If it was Sylvanas plan all along to mindfuck him, she just started a war for that. Idiotic.

Also, there’s a huge issue i’m seeing here. Blizzard is doing their all to justify the burning on the tree. Saurfang blaming himself for letting Malfurion live is proof of that. “The wound that will never heal” wasn’t the focus of this war. He focused for a everlasting peace after the Alliance disband. A fool’s plan, but honestly, not as moronic as this is now. Malfurion would remember Saurfang as a moral Orc, honored. He would question the warchief’s for sure, but not Saurfang. Instead, Sylvanas fucked all that, and Saurfang blames himself without reason because…well, reasons. It wasn’t Saurfang that inflicted a wound, it was Sylvanas. This is retarded beyond comprehension. It’s fucking shameful that Blizzard keeps doubledowning on this narrative, but i don’t expect much from them nowadays. This wound is what Blizzard is looking for to keep the game afloat for ages, considering that without the conflict, WoW itself doesn’t hold up. It reeks of desperation.

Saurfang is not a moron, nor is he that singleminded, so it’s really dumb that Blizzard makes a simpleton when he is hearing Sylvanas, but otherwise, he’s a genius. Either he’s simple, or he’s not. Make up your mind, Blizz.

And it’s also a bit forced that she is the one directing a narrative that he should have seen ages ago. A hardened Orc like Saurfang would achieve his views after long lived thought process. Everything that Sylvanas said to him, yes, it was true, but it was also something that should NOT be new to him. Saurfang, again, is not singleminded. He would arrive to the “six months of peace” ideal after considering all that. His surprise at “Sylvanas brillance” is really something i don’t know how to feel.

All in all, i’m mixed with this. It’s not as bad as it was when they shovered up ours a week ago, but it’s still not good enough for me. Also, the fact they’re using Saurfang scares me, given that they have a penchant to butcher characters after long exposure to them.

And one last issue: STOP TELLING THE DAMN STORY OUTSIDE THE GAME. IF YOU NEED TO ELABORATE YOUR DAMN STORY AFTER THE STORY AS SET PLACE, IT IS NOT GOOD. I’m paying for the damn GAME. I want the history INSIDE IT. I’m not buying the books, i SHOULDN’T HAVE TO, and if i wanted to read a book, i sure as hell wouldn’t be reading a WoW one.


Maybe Blizz understands that there is no bad publicity. Sparking rage and frustration and anger are still sparking SOMETHING in a fanbase grown apathetic.

People posting multi-page grieving posts over What Happened to Teldrassil…are still posting massive posts about WoW.
People posting memes about their angry Tauren…are still posting memes about WoW.

…where they might not have before.


Those e-stories are like 80-ish pages apiece. I’ve read the first two or so parts of the Horde one and it looks like they do a much better job of explaining the thought behind everything leading up to the assault on the Night Elves. A lot of this stuff wouldn’t have really been able to be explained in-game while our characters were off in Silithus, plus with the Alliance having spies all over Orgrimmar it made sense why Sylvanas contacted us in the Undercity.

In-game execution still had something left to be desired but I’m glad the novellas at least carry the rest of the weight and give a lot more depth and explanation behind things, managing to touch on most characters affected by the events.

Dug From The Earth

It could have been explained in game…

… but 99% of the players would have just clicked past the text to accept the quest quickly.

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Those snake guys look pretty kick ass. I usually don’t care about the allied races, but if these guys join up… I may have to make an exception.

Bryan Turner

I thought the Siege of Lorderan was supposed to come out this week, unless it’s the thing that opens the expansion?

On the plus side I got my wife start playing WoW again, I have to consciously rein my self back while questing though, even if I know the most efficient way to go just let her do what ever and in the great words of Rando Pandaman ‘Slow down’.

It’s a lot for her to take in, she sees these fancy mounts and wants stuff like Khadgar’s Blue Purple Raven thing, and I have to explain you don’t get that unless you do something with the Antorus Raid and it’s probably Achievement based so you probably won’t get a crack at that until it becomes a Legacy Raid 4 or 5 years down the road (Since BFA is dropping in 6 days).

I might have to download a Battlepet Addon for her since she’s interested in getting cosmetic pets, I think that stuff is all Battlepet related now.

Where ever the journey takes us I guess, I decided yesterday to shelve my tank in favor of my Warlock, I just don’t want the responsibility any more and queue times for DPS are less than 10 minutes it seems.

Matthew Yetter

My understanding was that Lordaeron opens the expansion. So this week is just a chance for people to get caught up and watch Teldrassil burn.

Bruno Brito

When i try to read the free stories:

Aaaaand it’s gone.
404: Page Not Found



Try again, the links are working for me

Vinnie travi

I am generally a wow hater but I resubbed out of boredom and have really enjoyed where the game has gone. They made leveling longer and a bit more difficult (Still easy but not total faceroll). I love the story, they keep adding to it every week. This will be the first expac I plan on playing since MoP killed the game for me.


It’s the dead of summer, blizzard… don’t make me choose between days and evenings out against getting a neon tan sitting in front of a screen for another grind without a clear goal

You are going to lose <3


Enjoy your days, the game can always wait :-)


it will have to,as luck w ould have it i just cut my left middlefinger badly while gardening..can barely type let alone play :P

now if only it would stopbleeding for good /mutter