Sea of Thieves expands times and locations for Cursed Sails with its latest patch

Really, it's the occupants beneath the sails who are cursed.

The latest update for Sea of Thieves is all about giving players more time. If you have only a limited amount of time to play the game every week, for example? You get more chances to take part in different battle regions despite that. When treasure items show up in the middle of a battle? You have more time to pick them up. When a battle ends? You get more time to finish grabbing anything of importance to you.

The patch also fixes a number of undisclosed crashing bugs and several bug fixes, so players will no longer travel in unintended directions whilst being fired out of a cannon or get the wrong event banners whilst speaking with Gold Hoarder NPCs. So you’ll have more chances to do stuff, more time to do things, and more consistent game performance across the board. It’s the next best thing to more content.

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Dug From The Earth

The actions of these developers keep reinforcing my belief that they have been locked away in a “Relic Development Bunker” for the last 20 years, unable to play pretty much any other game in existence.

On a side note, its nice to see them learning from their mistakes in semi decent turn around time.


Yeah they seem ridiculously naive/ignorant of how online gaming interactions have developed over the last 20 years. To the point where they clearly are trying to push the game towards a more PvE-oriented experience and reduce the impact of PvP.


Good changes tbh. It’s hard to be adequately stocked up for a ship battle and you’ll hit a point where you pretty much need to go grab planks/cannonballs off of barrels in the sea or the skeleton ships themselves. Unfortunately barrels seemed to sink into the ocean almost as fast as they appeared and the “minor” treasure dropped from the non-final ship (final ship spawns a named Captain mob and will always drop a bunch of high quality loot) was rarely worth trying to grab out of the water if you could even spot it to begin with.

Also curious to see how the Alliance system will play out for folks now that Skeleton Forts are back.