Blade & Soul’s Warden’s Fury launches September 12 with a new class and ghost ship dungeon

Just relax.
Its revenues might have dipped slightly last quarter, but Blade & Soul is still marching along with its snappy content cadence, and next month it’s marching up with Warden’s Fury, its next big thing. Notably, the update introduces a new class, unsurprisingly called the Warden.

“Enter the Frenzied Stance to deal massive amounts of damage to any who stand in your way. Wildly and recklessly swing your Greatsword with no regard for your own life. Engage Guardian Stance to shield your fellow warriors from enemy attacks. Utilize your skills to neutralize your opponent and keep your friends alive.”

The update also includes plot movement in the form of Act 9: Cruel Reunion, plus a ghost ship dubbed The Shadowmoor, which is basically a ship-based dungeon that sounds amazing (and it’s just in time for spooky season!). The whole shebang launches September 12th, but you can watch the teaser trailer in the meantime, and don’t forget to register your NCsoft account for the new class and snag a pack of goodies for the launch.

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…making essentially a berserker class and call it “warden”???


Oh, and by the by. That is the perfect banner for this Bladed & Soul update.


Ok. Yes! Been looking forward to this. I’ve been to busy to comment, but now I will make the time.

As I mentioned before this last patch and event are filler, IMO, and it is good to see that they are following it up with very meaningful content.

The new class a tanking/dps type is going to be fantastic. The resource it will use for power and abilities is health which is interesting. By default, the health points for the Warden Blade will be significantly higher than any other class, and its special abilities will focus around party protection, damage mitigation, and party enhanced crit and dps.

Some Warlocks are already voicing some concerns as that class, up to now, has been the king of party buffs for damage. Lol. Other players are worried that the Warden animations are too intricate and do not land skills and attacks when they are needed.

Give me a break, guys, and gals! First, no one is dethroning Warlocks as any group worth its salt will not turn away a Warlock. And second, animation canceling is built into Blade and Soul quite nicely for those who can’t afford a split second of fun.

And then… there is Act 9. Oh, my! I made the mistake of seeing a little preview when digging around the Korean reviews and, and… Act 9 is rough. Rough as in the events that transpire would rival the WOW Sylvanis tragedy IF BnS was popular in the west.

Prepare to get your heart broken… It hurts just thinking about it. But don’t worry, it is all within the confines and plot points established by the epic tale thus far. BUT… as much as I look forward to playing through it, I’m saddened by it as well. I’ll leave it at that.

But that is enough of that. Here, I’ll leave with a nice screen cap of my gunner decked out in the latest event outfit. Say what you will, but it does add a little flare. It is inspired by 2B’s outfit from Nier Automata which is a great touch. BUT it is a little breezy! Lol. So I’m just including a headshot. My new pet Muriel shows up great in this pic!


…unfortunately, there will be no Lyn’s of Warden Blades in this patch. #ThinkOfTheLyn’s :(


No. Warden Blades swords are too huge for little Lyns. No, that is not size discrimination. Lol. Lyns would either till the earth forever while the drag that weapon around or look like a remote-control plane if they choose to carry the weapon sideways.

Lol! Either way, not a good look and maybe not so functional.

Now, there is an archer/hunter type coming so there is hope for another Lyn class addition.


They’ve made such beasts work on Gnomes, Goblins and Elin’s in other games though. I call it the ant factor…small, but can carry around something 10 times it’s size. <3

…and yeah, I've got my eyes and pigtails on on that rumor of a that class. o.O