Crowfall’s latest Q&A is all about power and food

Is this food?

Powers are pretty important in Crowfall, since they’re the tools you use to do damage, heal, mitigate damage, and basically do everything else in the game. The most recent live Q&A is thus not covering everything about powers, but it is covering a lot of stuff about powers, including showing off the game’s sprawling power interface for the development team. Every effect and trigger in the game is lined up, and the video shows off how you can change elements (like removing food costs upon taking damage) with a fairly simple interface.

Of course, the team also answers questions, like disabling tray switching in combat; that particular request is problematic because of the way tray switching is coded, so while you can rebind the keys to something you won’t hit outright disabling it wouldn’t work well. The whole Q&A session is shorter than usual at just 30 minutes, so if you want to learn more about food, powers, or issues with Templars, check it out just below.

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