Ankama’s WAVEN brings Wakfu-style combat to mobile and PC


Last week, we looked at Ankama’s year-end update video and what the studio has in store for its major titles, Wakfu and Dofus. What we didn’t look at, however, is one of its in-development titles, WAVEN: Heroes of Krosmoz, which seems to have been formerly known by a slew of other titles. Right now, information on the title is fairly light, as it’s still quite early in development, but what we know so far is that it’s set in the world of Wakfu, taking place some years after the third season of the animated series.

The game, which will be playable both on mobile devices and on PCs, will allow players to take control of numerous characters from the Wakfu universe, equip them using a deckbuilding system, and battle it out in both PvP and PvE combat. A core feature of the game will be a sort of player housing called Dimensional Havens, which are cube-shaped worlds that players can build out and customize to their heart’s content.

My French isn’t great, but from the looks of things, each face of the Dimensional Haven cube will serve a different purpose: One as a social hub, for instance, with another serving as personal housing, and another hosting a player-created dungeon. It’s not entirely clear how the various facets of the game will interconnect, but Ankama will be showing off the game’s combat at this month’s Lyon Game Show and again at December’s Toulouse Game Show, so hopefully we can expect some more information before the year’s end. In the meantime, scroll on below for the official WAVEN teaser trailer.

Source: Official site, 2, 3. Thanks Avaera and Mewmew for the tip!

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My bet it’s that Ankama will keep updating Dofus and transform Wakfu into Waven step by step and I think Ankama can hit it big again with this one on French / hispanic markets or the jackpot if they generate hype among NA dudes, but these never liked Ankama strategy games to begin with (dont ask me. I know, it’s weird).

Btw I’m Glad to see Massively caught wind of Waven.


More Info:
** Lead Dev (Tot) Blog with lots of images / videos** :


If you ever heard of Krosmoz World, Dofus 3, Wakfu Heroes or Dofus Cube – Waven is the same title, it’s just the most current name that it’s been given.

Considering most of the information is in French and the name changes so often it can be a bit weird for some of us to follow. :D Could there even be more titles? Possibly! Most of the news I heard about it was when they were calling it Dofus Cube.

Once you find out that all of those titles are just name changes for the same game, it’s a little easier to piece together information on it if you want to go looking.

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Definitely interested to see where this ends up. I hope the MMORPG/persistent world parts are emphasised just as much as the PvP battle arena systems. Player designed dungeons certainly sound pretty nifty in theory!

The concept art and design is beautiful (as with all Ankama’s stuff), but if they focus too much on limited deck-building for cookie-cutter builds like Wakfu does, it has a good chance of being too shallow for my taste.