Fallout 76’s beta may start in two weeks


With Fallout 76’s launch coming in a month-and-a-half, Bethesda doesn’t have much time left to get its promised beta for pre-orders going. October was always the target window for this test, but according to a recent leak, now it’s looking likely that October 8th will be many players’ first look at this post-apocalyptic online game.

Lead Developer Pete Hines has been answering many fan questions on Twitter lately about Fallout 76. He confirmed that while workshops are “common areas that anyone can claim,” CAMPs and storage crates belong to players and can never be taken.

Bethesda recently announced that the official map name for Fallout 76’s region is “Appalachia.” The studio confirmed that name alongside a bizarre-looking “guitar sword” that marries the mountain folk lifestyle with the brutal realities of a post-nuclear world.

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