Skyforge opens up a demon invasion right after its last invasion

Invasion central up ins

It’s been mentioned before, but it bears repeating that the world of Skyforge (Aelion, if you’d forgotten) is apparently Invasion Central. There’s always another invasion swooping in for season 16, and this time it’s coming right on the heels of player characters dealing with a prior invasion. It’s impolite, but then, these are demons invading. You can be annoyed that Nihaz isn’t being more polite about things, but it still means you need to fight off an invasion all the same.

As is customary, the greatest rewards await players who can take on the avatar of Nihaz as the invasion ramps up over time, offering trophies and gear rewards to those who fight back the invading forces. New distortions will become available over time, with harder challenges assuring players of at least one epic for the first daily clear. So get in there and start taking the fight to the demons who are invading, then see about moving to someplace less plagued by constant invasions.

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