Albion Online’s preseason patch brings GvG rewards, monthly challenges, and major balance adjustments


Yesterday’s Albion Online preseason balance patch brought with it some additions to Guild vs Guild season rewards, new monthly adventurer’s challenges, and a heaping helping of balance changes to various weapons and gear. Beginning with the upcoming Season 4, GvG participants will earn some shiny new rewards for their efforts. Players who are part of an eligible guild for at least 75% of the season will receive the new War Rhino mount (for guilds ranked Bronze or higher) and “exclusive avatars and avatar rings” (for iron rank or higher). Moreover, the top three guilds each season will now earn themselves permanent places in the new Conquerors’ Hall building in Caerleon “that will honor past and current winners with custom-built statues and will expand with each successive GvG season.”

In addition, the update also introduced monthly adventurer’s challenges to the game. Beginning on October 1st, players can participate in a variety of challenges to earn thematic monthly rewards. For October, the rewards include the Spectral Bat mount, which “combines the speed of a Direwolf with an evasive Flicker spell, allowing [players] to escape unscathed from open-world encounters — or catch up with [their] prey.” Players can also earn valuable consumables and other, undisclosed “seasonal specials,” which seem likely to be Halloween-themed.

And of course, as the patch is a preseason balance patch, it brings with it a huge variety of balance changes to almost every weapon and armor type in the game. The full list of changes is far too extensive to delve into here, but some highlights include new spells for daggers, holy staffs, and maces, as well as changes to ability standtimes and cast times for almost every weapon. For the full details, you can check out the patch notes in their entirety on the game’s official site, and don’t miss the development roadmap either!

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