Aion NA outlines its item changes arriving with Awakened Legacy on October 24


The next major update for Aion in North America is overhauling item progression and grades, and as a result players are going to get entirely new sets of equipment based on what they’re wearing at the time. Don’t worry, though; the new equipment is in addition to what characters already have, so you won’t be forced to immediately replace what you had. You will have to use the new systems for enchanting your gear now, which is split cleanly along PvE and PvP lines… but since Enchanting gear no longer breaks on failure, that will be easier. Players will also have to unlock Manastone slots on equipment before socketing.

The changes don’t stop there, either; Aetherforging is being reworked, Aethertapping is being removed, and the items available to craft in Karunek’s Forge will be changed while Luna takes over the duty of instance entrance scrolls. It’s a long list of changes, so take a look through them before the update goes live on October 24th. You don’t want to be caught off-guard, after all.

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