Diablo ‘Reign of Terror’ merch in Blizz store revives speculation on Diablo IV


Set aside your French history knowledge for a sec and consider the phrase Reign of Terror in a new light: a light that also falls on Diablo merch.

That’s because, as Resetera noticed early this morning, the Blizzard gear store barfed up a bunch of new Diablo stuff, including a poster and tees bearing the “Diablo Reign of Terror” branding.

Interestingly, when I saw this pop up, I, like one of the Resetera commenters, could’ve sworn that Reign of Terror was already a Diablo expansion name, but that’s a mis-memory apparently, likely a product of the fact that these dumb words get reused for expansions all the time. As it turns out, Reign of Chaos was used for Warcraft III, and Terror’s End is the last arc of Diablo II, so maybe there’s a connection. Or maybe Blizz is just referring to how long Diablo has been a major force in video games in order to sell shirts.

Orrrrrr maybe it’s something to do with the new Diablo stuff the studio’s been teasing for the last coupla months. Diablo IV! Diablo Mobile! Diablo 1/2 remake! Diablo III expansion! Diablo MMO! Diablo Netflix series! Nobody talking really knows, but it’s getting fun to speculate on the “leaks.”

Source: Resetera
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