Crowfall shows off some of the monstrous wildlife for players to fight


You will be fighting lots of monsters in Crowfall, but thanks to the force of the Hunger many of today’s monsters were yesterday’s normal examples of wildlife. The latest article on the official site looks at four such examples of wildlife you’ll encounter, all of which have different behaviors and provide different resources when you engage them. And in some cases you will have to be the aggressor; aurochs will not attack you unless you engage first, for example, unlike spiders that will happily try to snare you and eat you.

Of course, every enemy has its own tactics; bears work alone and will attempt to bowl you over, while wolves swarm any would-be hunters and spiders immobilize and incapacitate. But all of them offer rewards for defeating them, as well; all enemies offer gold and Ethereal Dust, while they can also be harvested for things like aurochs hides, spider silk, and bear meat. (You can guess which critters hold which items there.) If you’re hoping for something a bit more monstrous, however… well, take a look at the twitter video just below.

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