Neverwinter previews Heart of Fire’s ‘K-Team’ dungeon challenges


Acquisitions Incorporated has been the talk of the town in Neverwinter lately, what with the upcoming Heart of Fire module being only a week out from its slated release. Apparently pilfering — err, recovering — the Heart of Fire isn’t the only thing on Acquisitions Incorporated’s agenda, as a recent dev blog unveils the upcoming “K-Team” dungeon challenges that will be coming with the Heart of Fire update.

According to the official announcement, “Company founder Omin Dran is looking for someone to show the rest of the chump interns that you don’t need fancy ‘equipment’ or a fancy ‘paycheck’ to delve the deepest dungeons without breaking so much as a sweat.” If for some reason that sounds like a great deal to you, then you’re in luck, because each week, Omin will ask you to complete a different dungeon under one of two significant handicaps: In Hardcore-mode dungeons, a single death will send players back to the start of the dungeon, while the less succinctly named “Reduce item levels to minimum” mode will do exactly as it says, sending players into the dungeon with their gear scaled down to the absolute minimum item level for that dungeon.

Successfully completing Omin Dran’s challenge will net players the fabulous, valuable reward of… an IOU. Well, what did you expect? The good news, though, is that if you get enough IOUs, you can exchange them for a shiny new gallant armor set, “which sports a whopping item level 600, the highest in the land!”


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