Happy sixth birthday, PlanetSide 2 – Here’s what Daybreak’s got planned for the players


It seems hard to believe that the sequel to SOE’s original MMORPG sandbox shooter PlanetSide is itself already six years old, but here we are as PlanetSide 2’s birthday approaches.

“War has raged on Auraxis for six years, with dedicated soldiers from every empire keeping the battle alive with their fighting spirits,” Daybreak says. “This is no small feat – over the last six years, we’ve changed and grown together as Auraxis has become what it is today, and this couldn’t have happened without the support of each and every one of our loyal fighters. Now is the time to be proud of the battles you’ve fought, and of course, the time to celebrate another exceptional year of PlanetSide 2.”

There’s a double experience event running through the 22nd, buyable anniversary bundles in the cash shop, and some freebies too:

“We’ve got another little gift for you – starting on November 20th, 2018, use the promo code ‘6YearsPS2‘ to receive a special 6th anniversary Loyalty Decal and the NSX-P Naginata LMG! You can log in to your Daybreak account and redeem that code here. If you’re playing on PS4, this bundle will be available in the Depot for just 1 cert.”

Plus, Daybreak is promising big news during the game’s anniversary livestream on November 20th. Happy birthday, PS2.

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Feyd Darkholme

I still have a sh*tload of fun playing this game. It’s never really been buggy for me or had performance issues that made it unplayable or unfun. Even after all this time I can still log on virtually any time and find fun fights. It’s the only game I consistently lose track of time when I’m playing and look up and the sun is rising because I’ve played all night long. Not sure why but no other shooter has really held my attention like PS2. I’m always happy to support them…

Shadex De'Marr

To celebrate six years of buying things from us we are celebrating with more things you can buy from us. Oh, Daybreak.