Ship of Heroes honors City of Heroes’ deathiversary with a support toon video

Look better.

Six years ago today, the sun set on City of Heroes for the last time, but the game’s not been forgotten. Among the title’s spiritual successors is Ship of Heroes, which has today posted a video that both honors the game’s support archetpes and explains how SOH itself will implement a healing and buffing powerset with no direct damage whatsoever.

“In this video, new hero Nicky Nanite demonstrates the effects of Restorative Nanites powers on other heroes. Restorative Nanites is a healing and buffing powerset appropriate for the Support archetype, or as a less powerful secondary powerset for the Devastator archetype. The primary effects of the powers are health regeneration, accuracy and damage buffs, and recharge rate buffs. The set is useful for both the player and his teammates, as many powers are AoE. This powerset can be combined with a large number of damage-dealing sets, and is useful in many different playstyles. Most players will choose to take only a fraction of the powers from each of their powersets, so Restorative Nanites characters will vary a great deal.”

Heroic Games does note that the animations and FX of this eighth powerset are still in early dev, but they do represent original work designed for an MMORPG specifically.

Incidentally, you can join in the deathiversary vigil yourself in Paragon Chat this afternoon.

Source: Press release

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This made me really happy and hopeful.


I love playing support classes, this looks interesting.

Indigo Salma

Honestly i don’t know for which of the upcoming hero mmo’s i should be hyped about. Cause i don’t know what to expect from them at release. Content and complexity of building heroes.


I’ll likely be involved in Ship, Titans and Valiance cause darn it, I’m old and have disposable income!


IronSalamander8 .

Same here Camren! I only KSed Titans but have been looking at them all these days, and almost 49! :o


This looked pretty damn good.

Good luck you all!

Wonder if they are planning allowing the targeting reticule to be customizable? In the vidya, it was the red circle with the little accents inside.

How much more cool would it be for a witchy character to have a gothic looking circle or a tech merc having a gradiated bullseye. Could be monetized as well. >.>