Bethsoft has delayed Elder Scrolls Blades into 2019


Fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise (and Elder Scrolls Online specifically in our neck of the woods) have been in a state of curiosity over Elder Scrolls Blades ever since it was announced at E3. Unlike certain other IPs being brought to mobile (ahem), this one is a massive sandbox touting a first-person exploration and combat experience, eventually with some sort of multiplayer, being marketed to the west. Massively OP has had two writers check it out since that reveal: While Andrew thought the demo was fairly limited but still intriguing, Larry called it the best mobile game he’d ever played.

Don’t start the hype race just yet, however. The game was supposed to come out this fall, but with just a few weeks left, that was looking pretty unlikely. Now we know for sure it’s been delayed, though Bethsoft doesn’t directly admit as much in its announcement, preferring instead to just announce that it’ll be out early next year.

Then again, we’d much prefer that Bethsoft take the time to perfect this one rather than see another Fallout 76 scenario play out. Wouldn’t you?

Source: Twitter
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