Path of Exile’s manifesto update outlines nerfs for slows and stat sticks, rebalancing for uniques

When Betrayal lands for Path of Exile players at the end of the week, it’s bringing with it a number of core changes that aren’t really fancy enough to make it into the bullet list but are still weighty enough to deserve entry in the game’s ongoing manifesto. Notably:

  • “Stat sticks” – that is, off-hand weapons held primarily for stats – will be a thing of the past. “We found that with this change it was important to make skillbinds specific to your weapon set,” Grinding Gear says.
  • Slowing effects will now be capped at 75%. That’s a bit of a needed nerf.
  • Uniques will see a wide rebalance.
  • Hierophant, Champion, and cold-based DOT archetypes will be better supported.
  • Energy Shield Recharge will no longer be interrupted by non-damage.
  • Plus there are still more tweaks coming to the Atlas.

However, don’t expect self-casting changes in this particular update. Patch notes for the expansion are expected later today.

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