Fight for the glory of the Loa in Hearthstone’s newly released Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion


There’s not an empty seat in the house at Gurubashi Arena as spectators gather for Rastakhan’s Rumble, the latest expansion to Blizzard’s ever-popular digital CCG Hearthstone. The expansion, which went live yesterday, introduces a brand-new set of 135 cards centered around the Trolls of Azeroth — and their fierce Loa spirits — who have gathered for a once-a-generation showdown where the Troll tribes will compete to see which is the Trolliest of them all.

The new set includes nine new Legendary Troll Champions — one for each of the game’s classes — each with his or her own team of savage combatants who will fight for the glory of their guardian Loa. Players will have a couple of weeks to settle in and get familiar with the new cards before the commencement of the Rumble Run, an “action-packed single-player Hearthstone experience” in which “players will enter the arena as Rikkar, an up-and-coming Troll gladiator who casts his lot with one of the nine teams in the tournament.”

For a limited time, players can get a head-start on their Rastakhan’s Rumble collections: Players who log in during the (unspecified) event window will receive six Rastakhan’s Rumble booster packs as well as one random Legendary Loa minion and “two copies of a rare Spirit minion from the same class as their Loa.” So what are you waiting for, Hearthstone players? Prepare your decks and get ready to rumble.

Source: Press Release

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